Ainley Top

Lindley Moor Road, Ainley TopAinley Top and M62Calderdale Way, Ainley TopAinley Top is a small village three miles north west of Huddersfield, straddling the boundary of the Kirklees and Calderdale metropolitan districts near to junction 24 of the M62 motorway.

The village is a residential area with a pub, The Nags Head, but has become sandwiched between modern transport routes.

Even going back to Georgian times, what was then a small hamlet had begun to be reshaped by new road routes.

In the 1770s a new Huddersfield to Halifax turnpike road came from Huddersfield via the Grimescar Valley through Ainley Top and by the 1820s it became the merging point of a more direct turnpike branch from Huddersfield along the Halifax Road we know today. By the mid-19th century there was already a cutting and bridge arrangement by-passing the hamlet and taking the road over the edge of The Ainleys towards Elland.

The building of the motorway in the 1970s caused even more changes to the village, creating some of its more dominant features, including its large roundabout and curving tunnel beneath the motorway.

Newer development in the village has also reflected the needs of the road traveller, including hotels and a pub eatery. Beyond the roads, though, there are still areas of green agricultural land.

Around Ainley Top

The Nags Head, a pub in what were originally two 17th century cottages, is in New Hey Road, Ainley Top.
Toby Carvery is in Brighouse Road, Ainley Top.

Food is served at The Nags Head, Toby Carvery and the Cedar Court Hotel.

The Cedar Court Hotel is a 113-bedroom hotel with health club, conference and banqueting facilities at Lindley Moor Road, Ainley Top.
A travel hotel is situated next to The Nags Head.

Local government

Civil parish council

Ainley Top is in an unparished area

Metropolitan district councils

Ainley Top straddles the boundary of the metropolitan districts run by Kirklees Council and Calderdale Council.
 Kirklees Council website      Calderdale Council website


Bus services

501 Daily, evening service (from late afternoon Sundays)

Huddersfield Bus station - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley - Birchencliffe Weatherhill Road - Ainley Top Lindley Moor Road (A643), Halifax Road (steps to village) - Elland - West Vale - Halifax

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503 Daily until early evening (until late afternoon Sundays)

Huddersfield Bus station - Edgerton - Birchencliffe - Ainley Top Halifax Road (steps to village) - Elland - West Vale - Halifax

Operated by  First     Search for operator's information at  First

343 Monday to Saturday, daytime

Huddersfield - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley - Birchencliffe Weatherhill Road, Yew Tree Road- Ainley Top Grimescar Road, Lindley Moor Road (village) - Blackley - Elland - West Vale - Greetland - Calderdale Royal Hospital - Halifax

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Road travel

The large Ainley Top roundabout provides a junction between the busy A629 Huddersfield to Elland and Halifax route and the A643 from Brighouse towards Outlane. A fifth road from the roundabout is the spur to the M62 motorway junction 24.

As there is no westbound exit from the M62 at Junction 23 near Outlane, the Ainley Top junction 24 is the last place to leave the M62 westbound for Huddersfield area destinations and before reaching the high cross-Pennine stretch of the motorway.

Other places near Ainley Top: Birchencliffe Birkby Lindley

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