Lowerhouses is a residential area of Huddersfield, about 1 mile south-east of Huddersfield town centre (1.5 miles by road), which merges with Longley.

Historically Lower Houses was a tiny hamlet of houses which were the lower houses of Longley, the centre of which had been around the old Longley Hall of 1577. However, with a school and Sunday school located there, the Lower Houses hamlet had by the end of the 19th century outgrown the cluster of houses at the centre of Longley and, confusing the geography further, the new Longley Hall of 1870 had been built in a position lower down the hillside of the Longley Park estate than the 'lower houses'. Development in the mid-20th century merged all the housing in the area together. Lowerhouses, only in recent decades written as one word, tended to be applied to a wider estate of mostly social housing across an area beyond the original hamlet. Today there is nothing really to provide distinct boundaries to Lowerhouses other than as being a part of the wider Longley area.

We've included information about Lowerhouses on our Longley page.

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