Cuckoo Festival in Marsden April 21, 2018

Marsden has become well-known as a place which likes to celebrates Spring.

First is Imbolc, a fire festival spectacular which usually provides a very premature heralding of Spring in the Colne Valley village in February.

But there was a much warmer event to celebrate at the Cuckoo Festival on Saturday April 21.

The annual event once again celebrated the folklore story of the first cuckoo of Spring and villagers trying to build a wall around it in the belief that if they could capture the cuckoo they would also capture Spring. Yes, it's a totally cuckoo story which is probably better told in the village itself!

Thousands of people visited the day's activities which included stalls, a cuckoo-making workshop, poetry, choir, bands, dancers, the cuckoo procession and a duck race before the evening shindig at the Marsden Mechanics Hall.

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