Labour retain control of Kirklees Council May 3, 2019

Huddersfield Town HallVoting took place on Thursday May 2 to elect one-third of the councillors across the 23 wards of Kirklees Council, that is one of the three councillors for each ward of the metropolitan district council.

Labour retain control of the council by a small margin with Liberal Democrats and Independents making small net gains.

The political composition before the election was:
The political composition after the election is:
342179331 DBI
69 members Vac = vacancy | DBI = Dewsbury Borough Independent
Elections for parish councillors also took place in wards where there were contested seats in the parts of Kirklees where there are also civil parish councils, these being Denby Dale, Holme Valley and Kirkburton Parish Councils and Meltham and Mirfield Town Councils.

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