Edgerton Road, EdgertonSituated just a mile from the town centre and with no distinct village or district centre, Edgerton grew as an edge-of-town residential area during the massive 19th century expansion of Huddersfield and after the time the turnpike road to Halifax was rerouted, around 1820.

The leafy district has stone-built houses and villas which are mostly from early in the Victorian era. Many have sizeable grounds and competing architectural styles. There was particular growth in the area between the 1850s and 1870s.

Further growth in the 20th century saw the fringes of Edgerton merge into neighbouring districts, particularly Marsh. Now development of what was open space at Clayton Fields could soon see Edgerton more substantially merge into neighbouring Birkby, despite an epic planning battle by local residents.

At the edge of the area nearest to Huddersfield town centre, Edgerton Cemetery is the town's main cemetery.

A shelter dating from 1896, now used as a bus shelter, is a legacy of the age when Huddersfield Corporation used to operate trams throughout the town between the early 1880s and 1940.

Around Edgerton

The Mount School is an independent school at Binham Road, Edgerton.  The Mount School website

Local government

Civil parish council

There is no civil parish council for this area, which prior to 1974 was in the Huddersfield County Borough.

Metropolitan district council

Edgerton is in Greenhead ward of Kirklees Council, the metropolitan district council.
 Kirklees Council website


Bus services

503 Daily until early evening (until late afternoon Sundays)

Huddersfield Bus station - Edgerton - Birchencliffe - Ainley Top Halifax Road (steps to village) - Elland - West Vale - Halifax

Operated by  First     Search for operator's information at  First

Road travel

Edgerton is on the A629 Edgerton Road, which is New North Road signposted towards Halifax from Huddersfield ring road.

Other places near Edgerton: Birchencliffe Birkby Marsh Lindley

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