Lidget Street and Lindley Clock Tower, LindleyAcre Mills, LindleyHuddersfield Royal InfirmaryLindley Library, Lidget StreetSt Stephen's Church, LindleyLindley is a village district of Huddersfield about 2 miles north-east of the town centre.

It is noted for its distinctive clock tower, erected in 1902, and being the location of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, which is in Acre Street.

The area is mostly residential and the area of housing has in recent years been controversially expanding on to the nearby Lindley Moor, where industrial units and a car showroom have also been built.

Lindley was already well-established as a large village before the Victorian era and was a major part of the township of Lindley-cum-Quarmby. Its parish church of St Stephen was built in 1829. The Victorian period saw further expansion of Lindley with the building of textile mills and associated works in the area.

A small part of the largest mill in the area, Acre Mills, has in recent years been converted to provide a new outpatients department for the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, just across the road. The hospital moved from its earlier building just outside Huddersfield Town Centre in the late 1960s and was officially opened in 1967 by the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who was born little more than a mile away in Cowlersley, Huddersfield.

Around Lindley

Lidget Street, Lindley Lindley offers a wide variety of shopping in addition to the full range of more usual village facilities, it includes a children's bookshop, wine merchant, florist, clothes and charity shops. Lidget Street is the main shopping street of the village. In addition to the local produce stores, there is a Sainsbury's Local shop at Acre Street.

The village has a pharmacy in Lidget Street.

Lindley Post Office is in Acre Street.

Pubs and bars in Lindley include The Black Bull in West Street, The Cavalry Arms in East Street, The Lindley Tap and No.10 Bar, both in Lidget Street, and The Old Wire Works in Acre Street. Lindley Liberal Club is at the top of Occupation Road opposite the clock tower at the junction of Lidget Street and Acre Street.

The village has a selection of restaurants and cafes.

Lindley Library and Information Centre is in the former Mechanics Hall building in Lidget Street. A number of group activities are organised by the library, which has an attractive reading garden alongside. The building also houses a Surestart Children's Centre.

Lindley CE Infant School is in East Street  Lindley CE Infant School website

Lindley Junior School is in George Street  Lindley Junior School website

St Stephen's Church is in Lidget Street.  St Stephen's Church, Lindley social media page

Lindley Methodist Church is in East Street.  Lindley Methodist Church website

Lindley Evangelical Church is based at Stanley House in Acre Street.

Local government

Civil parish council

There is no civil parish council for this area, which prior to 1974 was in the Huddersfield County Borough.

Metropolitan district council

Lindley is in the Lindley ward of Kirklees Council.
 Kirklees Council website


Bus travel

Buses from Lidget Street (towards HRI):
To Huddersfield or beyond 343 370 501

Buses from HRI Acre Street (HRI side)
To Huddersfield or beyond 343 360 370 378 501

Buses from HRI Acre Street (Acre Mills side):
To Halifax 343 501
To Salendine Nook then Huddersfield & Dalton 371 To Salendine Nook and Mount 378

Buses from Thorncliffe Street:
To Salendine Nook then Huddersfield & Dalton 371 To Halifax 343 501

343 Monday to Saturday, daytime

Huddersfield - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley - Birchencliffe Weatherhill Road, Yew Tree Road- Ainley Top Grimescar Road, Lindley Moor Road (village) - Blackley - Elland - West Vale - Greetland - Calderdale Royal Hospital - Halifax

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360 Monday to Saturday until mid-evening 

360Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Marsh - Huddersfield Market Street - Birkby Wheathouse Road, Birkby Hall Road - Fartown Spaines Road, Bradford Road -
Brackenhall Long Hill Road - Sheepridge Bradley Boulevard -
Fartown Bradford Road, Spaines Road - Birkby Birkby Hall Road, Wheathouse Road - Huddersfield Westgate - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

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370Rawthorpe - Moldgreen - Aspley - Huddersfield - Marsh - Oakes - Salendine Nook - Lindley

Lindley - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Marsh - Huddersfield - Aspley - Moldgreen - Rawthorpe

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Dalton Crossley Lane, Long Lane, Ridgeway - Moldgreen - Aspley - Huddersfield - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley

Lindley - Salendine Nook - Oakes - Marsh - Huddersfield - Aspley - Moldgreen - Dalton Ridgeway, Long Lane, Crossley Lane

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378 Monday to Saturday daytime

Huddersfield Bus station - Greenhead Road, Gledholt Road - Marsh Dudley Road, Jim Lane, Link Road, Carr Street - Oakes Willwood Avenue, Burfitts Road, Reinwood Road - Lindley HRI, Acre Street, Plover Road, Kirkwood Drive - Oakes Crosland Road - Salendine Nook Moor Hill Road, New Hey Road - Mount Laund Road, Lindley Moor Road, New Hey Road, Moorlands Road

New operator TLC from May 20, 2024.

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Huddersfield Bus station - Marsh - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley - Birchencliffe Weatherhill Road - Ainley Top Lindley Moor Road (A643), Halifax Road (steps to village) - Elland - West Vale - Halifax

Journeys Huddersfield - Halifax typically take around 58 minutes.

TRAVEL TIP: For journeys from Huddersfield to Elland, Calderdale Royal Hospital or Halifax the new X1 service offers faster journey times.

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