Crosland Hill

Crosland Hill RoadWellfield QuarriesCrosland Hill is a hamlet and its surrounding area about 2 miles south-west of Huddersfield town centre (2.5 miles by road).

Crosland Hill is an old hamlet, there before most of the expansive residential area of Huddersfield now known as Crosland Moor which extends down the hill towards Huddersfield town centre. The Crosland Moor name originates from the moor itself, extending above Crosland Hill, but is now more usually applied to the built-up area below Crosland Hill, while the Crosland Hill name is given to expansions of the original hamlet up the moor. These now include a residential caravan park and some of the industrial uses mentioned below.

Crosland Hill is the location of the grade II listed early 17th century Crosland Hall, believed to have originally been built as one house, but since divided. Nearby was Crosland Hill Methodist Church, originally built as a Wesleyan Methodist Church and enlarged in 1907. The church was closed and sold in 2019.

Since 1854, Crosland Hill has been the location of the Wellfield Quarries, where natural hard Yorkstone has been quarried not just for the fine stone buildings of Huddersfield, but also for prestige projects in cities including London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Crosland Moor AirfieldOn the moor just above the quarry is the Crosland Moor Airfield, which has a runway for light aircraft.

Crosland Hill is also the UK headquarters of a firework company. Standard Fireworks was established in 1891 and located a factory at Crosland Hill in 1910, although since a takeover by Black Cat Fireworks in 1998 production has moved to China.

Other businesses in the area include a caravan sales centre and engineering and building supplies companies.

Around Crosland Hill

The Rising Sun is in Crosland Hill Road.
The Sands House is in Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Hill.

Crosland Heath Golf Club, founded in 1914, is based at Crosland Heath, off Felks Stile Road, Crosland Hill.  Crosland Heath Golf Club website

Local government

Civil parish council

There is no civil parish council for this area, which prior to 1974 was in the Huddersfield County Borough.

Metropolitan district council

Crosland Hill is in Crosland Moor and Netherton ward of Kirklees Council.
 Kirklees Council website


Bus services

389 Infrequent service. Monday to Saturday daytime

Meltham Village turning circle - Helme - Blackmoorfoot -
Crosland Hill Blackmoorfoot Road - Crosland Moor Balmoral Avenue, Foster Avenue, Dryclough Road - Crosland Hill Blackmoorfoot Road, Felks Stile Road - Linthwaite Linthwaite Church, Causeway Side - Slaithwaite village centre - Hill Top - Wilberlee

One Monday to Friday morning journey: Meltham - Slaithwaite (continues to Wilberlee on schooldays).
One Monday to Saturday afternoon journey: Slaithwaite - Meltham (also calls at Meltham Morrisons).
One Monday to Saturday afternoon journey: Meltham - Blackmoorfoot only (also calls at Meltham Morrisons).

Timetable at  Metro       Timetables (.pdf format) at  Stotts Coach Travel

393 Monday to Saturday daytime

Huddersfield Bus station - Longroyd Bridge - Thornton Lodge Springdale Avenue, Yews Hill Road - Yews Hill - Crosland Moor - Crosland Hill Tom Lane, Crosland Hill Road, Blackmoorfoot Road (Sands House), Felks Stile Road - Linthwaite Linthwaite Church, Clough & Upper Clough - Blackmoorfoot

Timetable at  Metro       Timetables (.pdf format) at  Stotts Coach Travel

Other places near Crosland Hill: Blackmoorfoot Crosland Moor Linthwaite Milnsbridge South Crosland

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