Crosland Moor

Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland MoorBlackmoorfoot Road, Crosland MoorMoorfield Shopping CentreCrosland Moor is a large district of Huddersfield to the south of the Colne Valley stretching for around a mile up the hill at each side of Blackmoorfoot Road, an old moorland route towards Marsden. Crosland Moor Bottom is about a mile south west of Huddersfield town centre.

Crosland Moor is the location of one of Huddersfield's closed hospitals. St Luke's Hospital closed in January 2011 and has now been demolished and the site redeveloped with housing. Buildings on site included those of a Victorian workhouse, opened in 1872.

One of the notable events in Crosland Moor's history was the Luddite murder of Marsden woollen manufacturer William Horsfall in 1812. He was shot by four men armed with pistols as he stopped to let his horse have water near the location now named William Horsfall Street.

Although the district of Crosland Moor of today is largely seen to be the extensively developed area below the hamlet and quarries of Crosland Hill, the name appears to originate from that of the moor itself, extending above Crosland Hill and where there is today the Crosland Moor Airfield.

Around Crosland Moor

Crosland Moor has a range of shops mostly in or around Blackmoorfoot Road. There is a cluster of shops around the Moorfield shopping centre and the junction of Blackmoorfoot Road with Park Road and Park Road West, another group of shops is in Blackmoorfoot Road near to the Craven Heifer pub, and a further group is further up the hill at Dryclough.

Crosland Moor has a chemist shop at the Moorfield shopping centre at the junction of Park Road West and Blackmoorfoot Road.

The area has a post office at a convenience store at Dryclough on the corner of Dryclough Road and Blackmoorfoot Road.

There is a selection of takeaways along Blackmoorfoot Road, including outlets for fish and chips, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers kebabs and currries.

The Craven Heifer is in Blackmoorfoot Road.
The Foresters Hotel is in Park Road West.

Crosland Moor Community Learning Centre is next to the Moorfield Shopping Centre at Park Road West.

Beaumont Park Huddersfield's 21-acre Beaumont Park, overlooking the Holme Valley, is nearby at Beaumont Park Road. The park opened in 1883.

Moor End Academy is in Dryclough Road.  Moor End Academy website

Oak Primary CE (VC) School is in Dryclough Road.  Oak CE Primary School website

St Barnabas Church, Crosland Moor St Barnabas Church is at Church Avenue, near to Park Road.  St Barnabas Church website

Huddersfield Seventh-day Adventist Church is at College Street, Crosland Moor.  Huddersfield Seventh-day Adventist Church website

Local government

Civil parish council

There is no civil parish council for this area, which prior to 1974 was in the Huddersfield County Borough.

Metropolitan district council

Crosland Moor is in Crosland Moor and Netherton ward of Kirklees Council.
 Kirklees Council website


Bus services


Crosland Moor Balmoral Avenue - Thornton Lodge - Longroyd Bridge - Huddersfield - Hillhouse - Fartown - Sheepridge - Deighton - Bradley Keldregate, Bradley Road, Alandale Road

Timetable at  Metro      Service information at  First

387 Monday to Saturday daytime

Huddersfield Bus Station - Longroyd Bridge - Thornton Lodge Manchester Road - Crosland Moor Blackmoorfoot Road, Park Road - Lockwood Yew Green, Lockwood station Penistone line - Crosland Moor Walpole Road, Dryclough Road
Beaumont Park Beaumont Park Road, Moor End Road

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389 Infrequent service. Monday to Saturday daytime

Meltham Village turning circle - Helme - Blackmoorfoot -
Crosland Hill Blackmoorfoot Road - Crosland Moor Balmoral Avenue, Foster Avenue, Dryclough Road - Crosland Hill Blackmoorfoot Road, Felks Stile Road - Linthwaite Linthwaite Church, Causeway Side - Slaithwaite village centre - Hill Top - Wilberlee

One Monday to Friday morning journey: Meltham - Slaithwaite (continues to Wilberlee on schooldays).
One Monday to Saturday afternoon journey: Slaithwaite - Meltham (also calls at Meltham Morrisons).
One Monday to Saturday afternoon journey: Meltham - Blackmoorfoot only (also calls at Meltham Morrisons).

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393 Monday to Saturday daytime

Huddersfield Bus station - Longroyd Bridge - Thornton Lodge Springdale Avenue, Yews Hill Road - Yews Hill - Crosland Moor - Crosland Hill Tom Lane, Crosland Hill Road, Blackmoorfoot Road (Sands House), Felks Stile Road - Linthwaite Linthwaite Church, Clough & Upper Clough - Blackmoorfoot

Timetable at  Metro       Timetables (.pdf format) at  Stotts Coach Travel

Other places near Crosland Moor: Crosland Hill Lockwood Milnsbridge Thornton Lodge

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