including Salford and Yew Green (Yews Hill)

Lockwood Bar Lockwood Former Lockwood Mechanics' Institute Bridge Street, Lockwood Lockwood is a district situated alongside the River Holme about a mile to the south-south-west of Huddersfield town centre along the A616 Lockwood Road.

Although difficult to believe today, Lockwood was until the mid-19th century a village separated from Huddersfield by green fields.

The fields were soon to be filled by the Victorian expansion of Huddersfield's many woollen textile mills and associated industries.

Lockwood is the home of Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club, which now occupies the Lockwood Park site of the former Bentley and Shaw brewery, which in later years was taken over by Bass Charrington before it closed in the late 1960s.

Former clock tower (now demolished) at Mount Pleasant Primary School Lockwood Viaduct The sports complex is beneath the massive 32-arch Lockwood Viaduct, which carries the Penistone line, the Huddersfield-Penistone-Sheffield railway, across the Holme Valley towards Berry Brow. The line was opened by the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway company in 1850.

Between Lockwood station and the viaduct, another, now-closed line branched off. This provided a link to Netherton and Meltham, not just for passengers but for the transport of tractors from the David Brown factory which was at Meltham Mills.

The growth of Lockwood came through the 19th century as Huddersfield expanded around its woollen textile mills. While many mill buildings remain in Lockwood, they have new industrial uses, including by a specialist in Christmas and seasonal displays.

Before the large mills were built, early expansion in the area was around the spa baths which opened in 1827. These faced up the wide Bath Terrace to a hotel in Lockwood Road. The scene has changed over the years, but the building used by the hotel and the front of the bath house are still there. The hotel building has since been turned to residential use and baths site became a tyre depot.

Park Gear Works in Park Road, Lockwood, is the home of David Brown Santasalo, a global gear specialist providing gear solutions across many industries. Before a merger with Santasalo in 2016, it was David Brown Gear Systems Ltd. The business was founded by David Brown at the age of 17 in 1860. The David Brown company also ventured into tractor manufacturing in 1936, building a plant at Meltham. The tractor business there was eventually sold to the US owners of JI Case in 1972, but the plant was closed in 1988.

Just across the bridge over the River Holme the area is known as Salford. There is little today to distinguish it from the wider Lockwood except for there being a Salford Village Green behind the pub, now called The Lockwood. The section of Woodhead Road through the area was at one time named Salford Road. Salford was also the location of Emmanuel Church, Lockwood, at the foot of Taylor Hill Road. The church was opened in 1830 and closed in 1992 and has since been converted to a residential use.

Salford Yews Hill Road While Lockwood extended south-east to Salford, it also extended north-east into an old hamlet called Yew Green. In the mid 19th century this was the location of a green, cottages, a small workhouse, a pub named The Shipwreck Inn and the Rehobeth Baptist Chapel. The chapel was built in 1831 by a breakaway group from the Lockwood Baptist Church which had been established in 1792. In recent years the building has been reused as a mosque.

Change came to Yew Green with the arrival of the railway through a tunnel from Thornton Lodge in 1850. The railway divided Yew Green from the rest of Lockwood with a road underbridge near the new Lockwood station. The following years saw greater change with the building of the Prospect Iron Works and the Park Gear Works of David Brown, these eventually swallowing up much of the original Yew Green. The pub survived for many years before closing.

The neighbouring district of Crosland Moor was also expanding in the late 19th century, and when St Barnabas Church, Crosland Moor, was built at its edge it also bridged the gap between Crosland Moor and Yew Green. Some of the only remaining early houses of Yew Green are among houses in what is now Yews Hill Road. The locality today is often referred to as Yews Hill rather than Yew Green.

The mid-19th century extension of Huddersfield across the fields to Lockwood created the area of Rashcliffe, which had its own church, St Stephen, Rashcliffe, until its closure in 2013. We have a separate page on Rashcliffe.

As well as the Baptist chapels, Lockwood also once had two Methodist churches, but has none today. Lockwood's Wesleyan Reform Methodist Church was built in 1864 in Bentley Street and a Sunday School behind it was built 20 years later. Lockwood Wesleyan Methodist Church built a new chapel in Lower Mount Street betwen 1880 and 1881, replacing a mission chapel of 1871 in Bath Terrace. The Wesleyan Church closed in 1957 and amalgamated with the church at Bentley Street, which was using its Sunday School building in its last few years before closing in 1991.

The parish church of Lockwood, Emmanuel Church, dated from 1828 and was closed in 1992. The listed building was converted to a house. The parish was moved into that at the top of the steep hill of Lockwood Scar at St John, Newsome, which adopted the Lockwood church name as The Emmanuel Benefice. Only the area of Yew Green to the west of the railway line and tunnel is in the parish of the nearer church of St Barnabas, Crosland Moor.

Around Lockwood

Lockwood has a wide range of shops from the usual convenience stores, bakery shop and hairdressers to many specialist shops and traders, among them stores for eastern european provisions, safety equipment and workwear, interiors and motor scooters. Dixons Milk Ices has an ice cream shop at its headquarters in Swan Lane.
Lockwood has pharmacies in Lockwood Road and at Meltham Road surgery.
The Swan is in Swan Lane, The Shoulder of Mutton is at Neal Road and The Lockwood is in Woodhead Road.
Lockwood and Salford Conservative Club is in Lockwood Road.

Lockwood has several takeaways catering in most cuisines.
Lockwood has an Italian restaurant in Water Street. The Waterloo Suite at the Lockwood Park rugby ground caters for functions.
Huddersfield Rugby Union Club at Lockwood Park organises sport for under-sixes upwards.  Huddersfield Rugby Union Club website
The A616 bridges the River Holme at Bridge Street in Lockwood.
Mount Pleasant Primary School is in Mount Street.  Mount Pleasant Primary School website
Lockwood Baptist Church is in Lockwood Road at Lockwood Bar. The first baptist church opened here in 1792, replaced by the current building in 1851.  Lockwood Baptist Church website

Jamia Masjid Bilal is in Yews Hill Road.  Masjid Bilal website

Lockwood is mostly in the Crosland Moor and Netherton ward of Kirklees Council, the metropolitan district council, but part is in the Newsome ward.
Rashcliffe (north of Mount Street), all the area between Lockwood Road and the River Holme and Salford to the east of the River Holme, are in the Newsome ward.
 Kirklees Council website

There is no civil parish council for this area, which prior to 1974 was in the Huddersfield County Borough.


Lockwood station Swan Lane

The station is served by trains on the Penistone Line operating to the villages and towns between Huddersfield and Sheffield via Denby Dale, Penistone, Barnsley and Meadowhall.
Huddersfield > Lockwood ~ 3 min

 Northern - Lockwood Station and departure information at Northern website.

Bus services

via Lockwood Bar:


Huddersfield Bus station - Lockwood - Berry Brow Parkgate - Honley Bridge - Woodhead Road - Thongsbridge - at Woodhead Road/Huddersfield Road - Holmfirth Bus station - Scholes - Jackson Bridge - Hepworth

Timetable at  Metro     Search for operator's information at  First


Huddersfield Bus station - Lockwood - Berry Brow Parkgate - Honley Bridge - Brockholes - New Mill - Wooldale New Mill Road - Holmfirth Bus station - Hinchliffe Mill Woodhead Road - Holmbridge - Holme

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Huddersfield Bus station - Lockwood - Berry Brow Parkgate - Honley Bridge - Brockholes - New Mill - Holmfirth Road - Wooldale New Mill Road - Holmfirth Bus station - Parkhead

No longer operates via Royds Avenue. Runs from New Mill to Holmfirth via Holmfirth Road/New Mill Road.

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317 Monday to Saturday, morning and early afternoon,

Almondbury - Castle Hill at Ashes Lane / High Lane - Hall Bower High Lane - Newsome Jackroyd Lane, Church Lane - Lockwood Bridge Street, Swan Lane, Lockwood station Penistone line - Crosland Moor - Milnsbridge - Paddock Longwood Road - Quarmby - Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - Lindley


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321 Every day late evening, after end of 324 service

Huddersfield - Lockwood - Netherton Meltham Road, Moor Lane, Coppice Drive, Netherton Moor Road, Falconers Ride, Hawkroyd Bank Road -
Meltham Market Place, Broadlands

Timetable at  Metro

323 Every day daytime, only until early afternoon on Saturday & Sunday

Huddersfield Bus station - Lockwood - Netherton Meltham Road, Moor Lane, Coppice Drive*, Falconers Ride*, Hawkroyd Bank Road*, Moor Lane, Meltham Road
Direction of travel between Coppice Drive and Hawkroyd Bank Road varies (see timetable).

First services withdrawn from July 2, 2023, Team Pennine services will continue

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324 Every day until mid-evening, then see 321

Huddersfield - Lockwood - Netherton Meltham Road - Meltham Market Place, Broadlands

Most early morning services withdrawn and Monday-Saturday daytime frequency cut from 15 to 20 minutes from July 2, 2023

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355 Monday to Friday early morning and early evening, Saturday early evening to Huddersfield

Huddersfield Bus Station - Lockwood - Armitage Bridge Armitage Road, Bank Foot Lane - Netherton Marten Drive, Delph Lane, Moor Lane - South Crosland

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via Yew Green / Lockwood station:

317 See above

387 Monday to Saturday daytime

Huddersfield Bus Station - Longroyd Bridge - Thornton Lodge Manchester Road - Crosland Moor Blackmoorfoot Road, Park Road - Lockwood Yew Green, Lockwood station Penistone line - Crosland Moor Walpole Road, Dryclough Road
Beaumont Park Beaumont Park Road, Moor End Road

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Road Travel

Lockwood is about a mile south-south-west of Huddersfield town centre along the A616 Lockwood Road. At Lockwood Bar traffic lights in the centre of Lockwood, the A616 turns to the left to cross the River Holme, while the B6108 Meltham Road continues ahead.

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